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  • Aug 04, 2015

    755 Cordova Bay Road – Major Development Downsized

    Aragon Properties Cordova Bay project reduced to six storeys  by Roger Stonebanks, citizen journalist  Credit: Saanich Voice Online

    A contentious 12-storey condo proposed for the former Trio property in Cordova Bay has been reduced to six storeys by owner/developer Aragon Properties.

    As well, the number of dwelling units planned for the 26-acre (10.6 hectare) site at 755 Cordova Bay Road has been reduced to 385 from 443 or 13 per cent, David Roppel, Aragon’s director of planning and development, told Saanich Voice Online.

    The 12-storey building and the number of dwelling units were raised as objections at a public input meeting organized by Aragon on May 30, 2015, in Cordova Bay.

    Neil Findlow, Senior Planner at the District of Saanich, told Saanich Voice Online that Aragon Properties has provided “a preliminary submission. Planning is reviewing the submission and will advise Aragon about possible process and additional information that may be required for a formal application (for rezoning). A formal application is expected in the late summer.”

    Findlow said that discussions are on-going with Saanich staff about site servicing “and in particular, options to address sewerage flow from the site which would exceed the capacity of seven litres per second. The current proposal would generate a flow of +/- 15 litres per second and would require upgrades to the downstream sewerage system at Aragon’s expense. Aragon is in discussion with our Engineering Department about possible options including on-site detention. Saanich made Aragon aware of the sewerage flow limitation before it purchased the property.”

    Findlow added that Aragon “has stated that updates of the geotechnical reports and a Traffic Impact Analysis are currently being prepared and will form part of the formal submission.”

    No dollar figure has been put on the proposed development which comprises a mix of housing types including row houses, single-family houses and taller buildings between three and six storeys, arranged in three terraces as well as 2,500 square metres (26,909 square feet) of commercial space. Aragon bought the property last year from the McLaren family for $6.1 million.

    The site is one of the last significant properties within the Saanich Urban Containment Boundary and the Sewer Service Area.

    For more information: 755 Cordova Bay Road
    Contact David Roppel at Aragon Properties –
    Neil Findlow at Saanich Planning –