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  • Mar 28, 2018

    Aragon Moving Fill to Former Trio Lands

    As you may already be aware, Aragon has been granted a fill deposit permit from the Township of Saanich and will start moving fill from the excavation site of the Esquimalt Town Square development next week. We have had some inquiries from the community on the progress of the fill deposit and the project in general which we would like to address:

    Q: When will the fill start moving?
    A: Anticipated start date is Wednesday, March 21st, 2018. However, it may be delayed by a few days.

    Q: How much fill will be moving to the site?
    A: The permit has been granted for 30,000 m3 or roughly 2m in height will be added to a portion on the north side of the site.

    Q: Will the fill placing be staged?
    A: Yes, the first portion of the fill will be approximately 10,000m3.

    Q: Will the material being moved here be environmentally clean?
    A: Yes, all the fill being moved to the site is verified by an environmental engineer to be at the required standard for the Cordova Bay site.

    Q: How long will the first stage take?
    A: Approximately 4 weeks.

    Q: How many trips per day will come to the site?
    A: As the demand and capacity will vary, on busy days around 30 trucks per day can be expected. On some days there will be no hauling to the site.

    Q: What is happening with the rest of the site?
    A: We have environmental studies still ongoing and we are currently looking at options for a new site plan. The work is still preliminary. Once we are ready to present a new draft site plan to the community we will hold a community meeting and make all the information available on our website.


    Luke Ramsay
    Aragon Properties