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Date: 05/11/3023 Time: 07:00 PM


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  • May 10, 2023

    Gardening for Biodiversity – Next in our Speaker Series via Zoom **Updated with Zoom Recording**

    Learn how to cultivate biodiversity in your own backyard! Click here to see Zoom recording.
    Presented by Ronna Woudstra, Stewardship Coordinator at HAT 🌼🐦🐝

    No need to register!
    Access via Zoom link: bit.ly/42hSnsA

    Ronna Woudstra is the Stewardship Coordinator at Habitat Acquisition Trust, implementing the Good Neighbours Program, and working with people to promote stewardship of natural spaces and private land.  She is a University of Victoria graduate with a BSc. in Biology and a minor in Anthropology. Throughout her studies, she focused on ecosystems, ecology, plant biochemistry, and how we as humans understand and conceptualize the physical world around us. 

    Ronna has transformed most of her lawn into a wildflower meadow, volunteers for her local creek stewardship group, and continues to support the biodiversity in her community as much as possible. As an environmental educator she loves to share what she knows and to help empower people to make changes that support climate action on their property. 

    The Presentation on May 11th will share ideas/options for gardeners and homeowners to support pollinators, enhance wildlife habitat, and biodiversity and restore native ecosystems, in their own backyard!