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  • Mar 19, 2023

    Join Saanich in shaping their Financial Priorities – March 24th deadline

    Greetings CBA members,
    The following is a note from Dean Murdock.

    I’m reaching out to invite you to participate in shaping Saanich’s draft 2023-2027 Financial Plan.

    This is an opportunity to have your say on the future of Saanich and ensure your priorities are considered by the Council.

    What is the Financial Plan?
    The Financial Plan determines how your tax dollars get spent in the community, from parks and community safety to affordable housing and climate action.

    I invite you all to have your say by taking part in the engagement process at saanich2023.ethelo.net, where you can find the draft Financial Plan summary and an online budgeting tool.

    With the tool, you can provide feedback and comments on how the District of Saanich’s budget should be allocated between different community priorities. It allows you to explore how budget changes could impact your property taxes, and the trade-offs of the financial planning process. Votes and comments submitted in the tool will be provided to Council as resident feedback.
    The tool is available for all residents at saanich2023.ethelo.net until March 24.

    Our Council and staff look forward to receiving your valuable input.
    Thank you,
    Dean Murdock
    District of Saanich

    The tool is available for all residents at saanich2023.ethelo.net until March 24