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  • Nov 28, 2017

    Terms of Reference for the update of the Cordova Bay Local Area Plan

    CBA Presentation at Council Meeting on November 27th, 2017

    Mayor Atwell, Councillors, Staff, and Fellow Saanich Residents:
    The Cordova Bay Association for Community Affairs is providing input on business
    item J.3.

    My name is Larry Gontovnick, I reside at 5045 Wesley Road, and I’m President of
    the Cordova Bay Association for Community Affairs.

    The Cordova Bay Association supports the Terms of Reference for the update of
    the Cordova Bay Local Area Plan, with the scope of the update process focused on
    three key components:
    1. Local Area Plan content modernization
    2. Official Community Plan sustainability directions to ensure current priorities
    and trends are addressed, and
    3. Additional planning attention on Official Community Plan-defined Village areas,
    with the intention of providing detailed land use, urban design and mobility

    One of our Planning Co-Chairs and I met informally with Saanich Planner Pam Hartling back in September to look at the process and discuss some of our community issues.  Pam will be joining our December board meeting to talk about the Local Area Plan update process and next steps.

    We are pleased that we will have 2 representatives from the Cordova Bay
    Association on the 12-member Project Advisory Committee.
    We are also pleased with the extensive community engagement that is built into
    the process, and hope there is broad and strong participation from Cordova Bay
    residents. To facilitate this, we will work with Saanich to assist in communicating
    status and events to our approximately 750 members.

    We look forward to aligning the Cordova Bay Local Area Plan with the Official
    Community Plan, in particular, providing a more explicit focus on implementing
    the Official Community Plan direction for neighbourhood Villages, in our case,
    Cordova Bay Village.

    Thank you very much.

    Click here to see the Saanich Terms of Reference.