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  • Jul 11, 2023

    **Reminder** Update on the UVic-Tsawout Archaeological Field School at Agate Park, July 10-27th from 8:00-4:00pm

    An Update on the UVic-Tsawout Archaeological Field School happening this summer in Cordova Bay
    Agate Park,
    Monday-Thursday 8 am-4 pm
    from July 10th to 27th .

    From Helen Kurki, Chair, UVic Dept.of Anthropology and Dr.Brian Thom, Associate Professor, UVic Dept.
    of Anthropology

    The  UVic-Tsawout 2023 Archaeology Fieldschool  at ȾEL ̧IȽĆE gets underway.  We are jointly
    leading the first research-focused archaeological survey of the ancient village site of ȾEL ̧IȽĆE through
    investigations at waterfront Cordova Bay lands held by the District of Saanich.

    We invite the community to visit us at the information tent we will have set up in Agate Park, Monday-
    Thursday 8am-4pm from July 10 th  to 27 th .  We’ll be happy to share with you what we have been finding,
    and more about the long history Indigenous history of Cordova Bay. You may also see us working in the
    intertidal area, and in other Cordova Bay parks.  Please feel free to say “hi”!

    We are in the last leg of our fundraising to support this project, and UVic has set up a special account so
    100% of donations marked for “Cordova Bay archaeology” are directed to our work! Your contributions
    help students and the unique research expenses of an archaeological project: