Constitution & Bylaws




    1. The name of the Society is “Cordova Bay Association for Community Affairs”.


    2.  To work for physical and social improvement in the Cordova Bay community; without limiting the foregoing, the purposes of the association shall also include:

    3.  The fostering of meaningful community involvement in all development and land use planning for the area;

    4.  The limitation of community population density;

    5.  The development and co-operative use of community service facilities for all ages;

    6. As far as possible, preservation and improvement of the single family dwelling nature of the area;

    7.  The study of any and all matters pertaining to the well-being of residents in this community;

    8.  The fostering of cooperative and coordinated community services to meet community needs; and

    9.  Ensuring that community residents have a determining voice, by democratic process, on all public projects within the neighbourhood.


    Please click here for the latest association bylaws.

    The new Societies Act of BC came into effect November 28, 2016.  All societies in BC had two years to transition to the new Act.  The CBA is in compliance. In December 2017, The CBA Constitution & Bylaws were uploaded, with no changes other than structural, to BC Registry Services.

Letters to the Editor

You are always welcome to write to the CBA board of directors if you have a question or comment relevant to Cordova Bay. One of the directors will be pleased to respond. Please contact us by e-mail: We look forward to hearing from you.

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