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  • Feb 25, 2017

    Cordova Bay Community Club – on the Move?

    Cordova Bay Community Club – on the Move?

    by Roger Stonebanks, citizen reporter for SVO

    The Cordova Bay Community Club (CBCC) may relocate from its home at the end of Sutcliffe Road where it has been since the 1950s.

    Talks are underway that may lead the club – now largely a badminton club – to move to the 26-acre former Trio industrial site where there are plans for a residential development.

    “if things come together as envisioned, a win for CBCC, Cordova Bay, Saanich, Aragon and the residents of Sutcliffe

    Club president Ron Jordan has advised members of the reason a special committee of the whole meeting of Saanich council scheduled for Feb. 18 was postponed. The meeting was to consider the club’s application for rezoning and a development permit for a new four-court badminton building adjacent to its three-court badminton building. The District of Saanich announced on Feb. 10 the meeting was postponed at the request of the club but no reason was given by the district or the club.

    The club has recently stated — “Saanich Council Meeting Feb 18th has been POSTPONED and not rescheduled because of the possibility of NEW and exciting developments on the Trio site”.

    Jordan said he and club vice-president Tony Knott met two Saanich councillors and two directors from the Cordova Bay Association for Community Affairs on Feb. 9 “to discuss the possibility of CBCC moving, with the assistance of Saanich and the CBA, to the old ‘Trio’ gravel site at the corner of Cordova Bay Road and Fowler Road being developed by Aragon. At the end of the meeting we agreed the CBCC should ask for a postponement of the Feb. 18 meeting while working on this option.”

    Jordan said there will be further discussions with Saanich on March 3.

    In comments on Feb. 20 to Saanich Voice Online, Jordan said the club moving is a “possibility. Right now no agreements have been made other than to have more meetings between the parties. If CBCC is not able to reach a satisfactory agreement then CBCC would ask for the committee of the whole meeting to be re-scheduled.”

    He added, “CBCC is pressing for all parties to reach an agreement in the very near future so the way forward is clear.” And, speaking for himself, Jordan said “if things come together as envisioned, a win for CBCC, Cordova Bay, Saanich, Aragon and the residents of Sutcliffe [Road] who opposed CBCC redevelopment.”