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  • Jan 26, 2021

    Cordova Bay Local Area Plan Update from Saanich


    As part of Phase 4 of the Draft Local Area Plan Review, a Community Survey was available online with a variety of questions and opportunities for feedback.  The survey closed November 1, 2020; 256 surveys were completed. The results of this Survey are now posted on Saanich’s website and can be found at


    An update of the Cordova Bay Local Area Plan began in 2018. The Local Area Plan guides planning and land use management decisions at the neighbourhood level for the next 20 to 30 years. The development of the Draft Plan occurs over five phases:

    (1) project initiation and background work;

    (2) community visioning and prioritization;

    (3) Draft Plan development;

    (4) Draft Plan review; and,

    (5) Plan Finalization.

    In Phase 4, the Draft Plan was presented to the public for review. A number of community engagement opportunities were provided to the public, First Nations, and stakeholders to review the content of the Draft Plan and provide feedback to staff. Based on the feedback received, changes will be made to the Draft Plan before it is finalized, posted on the Saanich website, and presented to Council for their consideration.  The public will again have opportunity to present their views in Phase 5 when the Plan is presented to Council, anticipated to be in March 2021.