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  • Jun 21, 2015


    We provide high quality irrigation, rainwater harvesting and landscape lighting services to Greater Victoria. 


    Our small, conservation-focused team has over 45 years experience working around Victoria and the Gulf Islands. We have a wide range of expertise ranging from residential to commercial sites including parks, golf applications and burial parks. We aim to align ourselves with our clients as partners for all aspects of irrigation management, and can be counted on as your first and only call for any irrigation issues or to take over the ongoing service management of your irrigation system.

    We work with home and building owners, contractors and property management groups to advise on and implement solutions surrounding the intelligent use of water for irrigation systems. Where feasible, we can look at rainwater harvesting solutions to provide an alternative source of water, lighten loads on drainage infrastructure, and encourage groundwater recharge.

    We are also passionate about designing and installing exceptional landscape lighting systems. We work with homeowners and landscape professionals to create safe, stunning lighting solutions that are flexible, expandable and conveniently controlled.

    Phone: 250-999-6159