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  • Jun 30, 2020

    July 14th Public Hearing for 4595 Cordova Bay Rd.

    4595 Cordova Bay Rd will be presented at the July 14th Saanich Public Hearing.
    See Item B in the Public Hearing Notice link below.
    Saanich Public Hearing Notice (20-07-14)

    Public input will be by mail, email or phone in, as described at the end of the Notice of Public Hearing.

    Please note that the subdivision of 4601 Cordova Bay Rd into 2 lots, as proposed for 4595 Cordova Bay Rd, was approved several years ago (not shown correctly on the map in the Notice). Also, a development application is active for the subdivision of 4585 Cordova Bay Rd into 2 lots.

    Information on all active development applications in Cordova Bay can be found at