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  • Dec 02, 2016

    Lana Popham feedback wanted: Create better access to Elk Lake at Piedmont Dr/Victoria City Rowing Club

    Concept: Create better access to Elk Lake at Piedmont Drive/Victoria City Rowing Club
    Access to Elk Lake can be improved by adding a pedestrian and cycling overpass and creating public transit stops at at Piedmont Drive and the Victoria City Rowing Club.
    This proposal is supported by the Cordova Bay Residents Association, the Victoria City Rowing Club and myself, MLA Popham. It is consistent with the Ministry of Transportation’s Pat Bay Highway Corridor Plan. Do you agree that safety and accessibility should be improved for the community and the rowing club? Would you support transit stops as well as a pedestrian and cycling overpass at the foot of Piedmont Drive? All opinions welcome! Please complete this survey. (It doesn’t need to take more than a minute!) I am in discussions with Ministry staff, the residents’ association, the Municipality of Saanich and others with respect to this proposal. I would like to open it up to the community so all interested individuals can share their viewpoints. I would appreciate your feedback before January 31st and then I will finalize my recommendations. Lana Popham, MLA Saanich South.