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  • Nov 19, 2017

    Notice from Aragon re: Trio Site Fill Plus Saanich News Article

    Dear Resident,

    As a resident of Cordova Bay, we want to keep you informed of the application Aragon has made regarding the old Trio Gravel Pit site in Cordova Bay. The application filed is to bring dirt (fill) excavated from our Esquimalt Town Square project and deposit it at the north end of the old Trio Gravel Pit site.

    Please note, this fill is not intended to be connected to the development proposal for this site.

    The development of the Trio Gravel Pit in Cordova Bay is still in the planning stages. Our development team is working towards presenting a new design which addresses the feedback we have received during the last rezoning application, and the ongoing feedback we have received from the community.

    ​​​​​​​We will continue to send updates on all activity and progress for the Trio Gravel Pit site in Cordova Bay. Information will also be posted on our website at

    If you have any further comments or would like more information feel free to reach out to me directly at


    Luke Ramsay
    Aragon Properties

    Click this link to see the follow up story by Saanich News.