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  • Jun 02, 2021

    Saanich Police Bulletin – Thefts


    Happy Spring everyone!

    As fantastic as it is to enjoy the warmer weather, we do need to remember that this increases opportunities for theft from automobiles.

    We’ve recently seen a significant rise in this kind of crime, specifically at parks and recreation areas.

    If you drive to the park please keep these simple things in mind:

    -No matter where you are parked, secure your vehicle. This includes putting up all windows, locking all doors and closing any sun roofs.

    -Never leave anything of value or PERCEIVED value visible in your car.

    If you MUST take valuables to the park or recreation area with you, place them in your trunk BEFORE you get to the parking lot. Often thieves are watching to see who puts purses, laptops or any other valuables in their trunk so they know exactly which cars to break in to first.

    Keep these simple principals in mind and you should be able to avoid becoming a target for thieves.

    Stay safe and enjoy the beautiful, natural surroundings we are lucky to get to enjoy here in Saanich.