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  • May 02, 2020

    Saanich’s Waiving of Public Hearing Process

    Sent by email to Saanich Community Associations on April 29th, 2020

    Dear Community Associations,

    Please be advised of the process that the District of Saanich has implemented in waiving public hearings with some development applications that may come forward for Council’s consideration.  This procedure will only apply to those applications where a local government may waive the holding of a public hearing on a proposed zoning bylaw if:
    (a) an official community plan is in effect for the area that is subject to the zoning bylaw, and
    (b) the bylaw is consistent with the official community plan.

    This process allows for Saanich to maintain our legislative framework in meeting our statutory requirements during COVID-19 while ensuring the public is able to provide input.  Community Associations will be provided notice in the same manner as always but your opportunity to provide input to Council has been amended from being able to participate in person due to the restrictions on public gatherings and to ensure the safety of all those in our community.  Council is only able to receive public input by email or mail at this time and appreciates all correspondence and will continue to acknowledge receipt at each meeting.

    Additional options may be released by the provincial government in how municipalities may conduct public hearings in the near future.  If you have any comments, please do not hesitate to contact Mayor Haynes, Paul Thorkelsson, Chief Administrative Officer or myself.  Thank you kindly.

    Angila Bains
    Municipal Clerk
    Angila Bains
    Manager, Legislative Services
    Municipal Clerk
    District of Saanich
    770 Vernon Avenue
    Victoria, BC  V8X 2W7

    250-475-5494 ext.3500