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  • The Cordovan Newsletter

    THE CORDOVAN NEWSLETTER – is the local community newsletter published three times a year by the Cordova Bay Association for Community Affairs (CBACA).

    The Cordovan is e-mailed to CBACA members – if we have your e-mail address. Please update us if you have recently changed it: membership@cbaca.ca.

    We mail the newsletter by snail Mail to CBACA members without email addresses.
    Printed copies are left at four places for those without computers:
    55 Plus Association Centre, Cordova Bay Pharmacy I.D.A., Cordova Bay United Church and the bench opposite Paper Chain at Mattick’s Farm.

    We’re always looking for interesting articles so do contact us by e-mail: cordovan@cbaca.ca.

    Members of The Cordovan newsletter committee are:
    Debbie Sherwood (Coordinator)                                                                                                               
    Sari Naworynski
    Chris Harbord                                                                                                                                          
    CBA Board Liaison: President

    Digitizing and archiving the past newsletters

    The history of Cordova Bay has been reflected in Spindrift, the monthly newsletter of the Cordova Bay Community Club from 1947 until it ceased publication in 1958, and in The Cordovan, the current newsletter of the CBACA which has appeared three to six times a year since the Association was founded in 1976. These publications are now available on the CBACA website as a community service.

    The electronic newsletters are a tribute to our history, past editors and directors of the CBACA thanks to the generosity of Richard Alexander, his company LGL Limited, environmental research associates in Sidney, and assistant Connie Kleckner (also a Cordova Bay resident) who scanned all the pages into searchable electronic PDF format.

    The digitized records were donated, along with the hard-copy originals, to Saanich Archives in November 2009, and the electronic versions posted on the CBACA website in February 2010. The digitized newsletter collection comprises all of the Spindrift editions (1947-1958) and all of the Cordovan editions (1976-current).