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  • Feb 14, 2021

    Three Vacant Board Positions: Notice from the Nominations Committee for AGM, April 28, 2021

    Cordova Bay Association for Community Affairs (CBA) February 2021

    Notice from the Nominations Committee 

    The CBA bylaw 4.3 states that 5 directors shall be elected or re-elected at one annual general meeting and the other 6 shall be elected or re-elected at the following annual general meeting.  

    This year at our Annual General Meeting on April 28, 2021 we are electing or re-electing 5 directors, each for a two year term, and two directors, each for a one year term, for a total of seven positions. Four existing board members have agreed to let their names stand for re-election. The nominations committee are seeking three additional candidates to fill the election slate. 

    The Nominations Committee consists of 3 members; Gloria Wills, Chair, Debbie Sherwood and Ruthild Ohl.  Any nominees wishing to run for election must firstly be a member in good standing of the Cordova Bay Association for Community Affairs.   Nominations may also be made from the floor of the Annual General Meeting by any two (2) members in good standing provided that nominees are members of the society and state their willingness to stand for election.

    The Cordova Bay Association would like to thank Larry Gontovnick,  Dale Christenson and Keith Anderson, who have or will step down from the Board at our April AGM, for their service to Cordova Bay.

    The Nominations Committee is currently conducting interviews with potential nominees.

    Please contact any member of the Nominations Committee if you are interested in being nominated to the Board, or to present nominees for the Board of Directors of the Cordova Bay Association for Community Affairs.

    Gloria Wills –
    Debbie Sherwood –
    Ruthild Ohl –