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    Cordova Bay Association Priorities for 2017

    List of Current Projects 

    The list goes from north to south.

    Project #1
    Location Sayward Road/Pat Bay highway intersection
    Problem 1 Poor cross walk location, bus acceleration lane and merging traffic a problem, particularly

    when the warning lights don’t work.

    2 Problem for people visiting addresses on the slip road

    3 New major delays turning south from Sayward.

    4 Want to maintain access to the highway  from the south end of Hamsterly

    Originator 1 CBA   2 Gwen MacPhearson   3 CBA  4 Province
    Status with CBA Want safest possible mode of operation. Want the timing of the light to change so there is

    more time to turn left from Sayward on to the highway. Want to see if two turning lanes can

    be introduced.

    **Status with Saanich Provincial matter
    Comments The province has paved the highway and are now in discussion with Saanich engineers

    about the approach roads  The problems are resolvable but we need a plan of action to

    accommodate the extra traffic from the new developments in north Cordova Bay.

    Location Fowler Road/Fowler Park entrance
    Problem Speeding traffic
    Originator Residents on Fowler
    Status with CBA Want bike lanes and safe walking as part of the extension of the Streetscape plan from

    Mattick’s Farm to the highway

    Status with Saanich Agree that extension of bike lanes on Fowler Road would be an asset to community and

    overall cycling network.  Not identified as a priority within our five year capital construction

    plan.  However, as development in the area occurs, we will seek opportunities to capitalize

    on local infrastructure improvements.



    Comments Develop the entrance to the parking lot as a constriction to slow traffic down and add the

    bike lanes to narrow the lane-width for cars etc. This work can now be incorporated into

    the Sayward Hill and Aragon developments.

    Location Lochside Drive at Cordova Bay Road Junction
    Problem Overgrowth into the sidewalk / bike lane forces people into the middle of the road
    Originator Residents
    Status with CBA Want to see the vegetation trimmed regularly
    Status with Saanich Referred to Saanich Roads and Parks
    Comments Low cost; fast item to fix
    Project #4
    Location Lochside drive from Mattick’s to Sunnymeade
    Problem The mix and intensity of the traffic flowing along the road is creating safety hazards for all
    Originator Residents
    Status with CBA Want a low cost solution that does not change the essial character of the road.
    Status with Saanich .None



    Comments . Need designated parking places off the road . Need pedestrian only path(s) at least
     Project #5
    Location Parking at Cordova Bay Elementary School
    Problem Not enough space and dangerous drop-off location
    Originator Richard McMorran/55+ community
    Status with CBA Wants improved and safer parking
    Status with Saanich The engineers believe that this can be done as part of the renovations to the school. Want

    Community 55+ and the school principal to talk.

    Comments Saanich can receive a donation of land from the school board and then develop a parking

    lot. Before that happens there is a need to examine the traffic circulation around the school

    so that the needs of the school and Community 55+ are met.

    Location Cordova Bay Road and Walema
    Problem People, especially young, unaccompanied children crossing the road to get to school.

    Danger ;Want a cross walk with a light.

    Originator Local petition organized by K. Insley
    Status with CBA Another element in the overall problem of CBR from Haliburton to Sayward
    Status with Saanich Believe the site does not qualify for a crossing
    Comments Need to fix these problems before any further developments take place
    Project #7
    Location Cordova Bay Road and Doumac
    Problem People crossing to the Plaza dodging traffic from several directions. Need a cross walk
    Originator Lorraine Huntley
    Status with CBA See project 6
    Status with Saanich Will be reviewed as part of developments traffic impact study.



    Comments Will be linked to developments at the plaza
    Location The plaza /Beach House section of CBR
    Problem Speeding traffic / turning traffic and parking
    Originator CBA
    Status with CBA Want to use the developments at the plaza and Doumac to create safe turning lanes,

    pedestrian crossings and traffic calming

    Status with Saanich Part of this will be in the application to develop the plaza
    Comments Need a comprehensive plan
    Project #9
    Location Cordova Bay Road – Claremont to the Plaza
    Problem Speeding traffic on newly resurfaced road
    Originator CBA directors
    Status with CBA Want traffic calming
    Status with Saanich No changes proposed to laning configuration at this time.  Saanich does not support the

    use of stop signs as traffic calming devices.

    Comments Start by painting lines on the road and designating a left turn into the Plaza.

    There is a new proposal for condominiums at Doumac need a traffic plan to go with it.

    Project #10
    Location Claremont/Doris Page Park
    Problem Traffic from Claremont cannot see approaching traffic along CBR.

    Traffic on CBR does not see the 30kph park sign.

    Passing in the park/ playground area.

    Originator CBA board/Residents/Roger Stonebanks
    Status with CBA Want a three way stop at the junction. Double yellow lines on the road  through the

    playground.  Clear designation of a Park at the entrance to Doris Page park.

    Status with Saanich Saanich does not support a three way stop or the use of stop signs as traffic calming devices.


    Comments Any changes here must be linked to changes at the old general store site and Doris Page

    Park for funding

    Location Haliburton and Cordova Bay Road
    Problem People park their cars in the designated area and have difficulty crossing the road to the

    playground and beach

    Originator Residents and park users
    Status with CBA See project 6
    Status with Saanich All proposed crosswalks must be reviewed in accordance to Pedestrian Crossing Control

    Manual for BC.

    Comments See project 10
    Project #12
    Location Royal Oak Dr/Cordova Bay Rd/Blenkinsop Rd intersection
    Problem Too many vehicles using the right-filter lane into Cordova Bay
    Originator CBA/Streetscape
    Status with CBA Ideally, want the filter lane closed but need a significant reduction in traffic coming

    through Cordova Bay to the highway

    Status with Saanich This leg of the intersection is near capacity, modifying the length of the right turn slip lane

    will only cause further delay and not deter traffic from using Cordova Bay Road 

    Comments If we can reduce the length of the filter lane to match the one at Royal Oak/Blenkinsop

    then the traffic flow would be more than halved when the light is red. Disagree with the

    conclusion that traffic would not be deterred from using Cordova Bay Road

    Project #13
    Location West Bank intersection with Cordova Bay Road
    Problem Dangerous location and a developer wanted to build houses on the park boundary requiring

    a steep road for access.  Limited visibility for merging traffic.

    Originator Leslie Friedmann
    Status with CBA Need to improve visibility at the junction
    Status with


     Refer to Saanich Parks for trimming to improve visibility.

    Land now park l

    Comment Should be done annually
    Project #14
    Location Cordova bay Road along the cliffs
    Problem The cliffs are slipping faster than before
    Originator Thurber Engineering
    Status with CBA Implement the Sandwell plan for cliff stabilization and beach protection
    Status with Saanich Unclear
    Comments The Sandwell plan has the support of all the community groups and should not be


    Project #15
    Location Pat Bay highway frontage road
    Problem Too many homes and businesses have entrances directly on the Pat Bay highway
    Originator CBA
    Status with CBA Want it formally incorporated into the future plans for the highway
    Status with Saanich A matter for  Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure



    Comments The highways department recognizes the need for this and has prepared a plan but there

    is no money.  Would need only a single lane not two lanes

    Project #16
    Location Haliburton and the Pat Bay highway
    Problem Turning left from Haliburton, and pedestrians on the gravel shoulder
    Originator Residents and Saanich engineering
    Status with CBA Want safe walking to school
    Status with Saanich A matter for the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure. However, Saanich

    has plans for Haliburton which should be implemented in 2017


    Comments Looks good but still has not addressed the problem of access to the rowing centre

    on Elk Lake.  Talked to Provincial engineers about changing the light pattern.

     Project #17
    Location a) Sunnymead, Maplegrove, McMinn Park b) Approaches to Lochside

    Elementary School

    Problem Speeding traffic near a playground and lack of signs on the approaches to Lochside

    Elementary School

    Originator Residents/Colin Millard
    Status with CBA Discuss with Saanich
    Status with Saanich Do not believe there is a problem and motorists do not speed here
    Comments Make the ring road 40 kph to conform with the surroundings Speed bumps past

    Mc Minn park extension of Lochside.  Saanich claims in its letter that vehicles are

    not speeding along this road and no action needs to be taken.

    Project #18
    Location  Claremont Road 700 block
    Problem Too many  fast moving vehicles passing as residents try to get out of their drive ways.

    Want speed bumps

    Originator G.W. Boyd/Residents
    Status with CBA Ideally, want the filter lane closed but need a significant reduction in traffic coming through

    Cordova Bay to the highway

    Status with Saanich Claremont Road is a collector road in this area and expected to carry volumes in the

    10,000 vpd range. Claremont carries approx 2700 vpd. Speed bumps will not be considered

    on Claremont as a traffic calming measure. Recommend that the police are contacted for

    enforcement and potentially deployment of the speed reader board.


    Comment How did the speed bumps at the top of Sea Ridge drive get installed ?

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